New In Foliotek: Inline File Editing

Foliotek - Zoho

In Foliotek, our electronic portfolio tool we have some users who do a lot of file editing. Basically, they download, edit, and reupload files while evaluating student work.  The logistics of this can turn into a problem if there are many files to edit, and can be made worse if the files are very large and they share similar file names.

It would be a much more efficient workflow if they could edit the files and add comments directly in the browser.  In addition to that, in-browser document editing would make the basic file editing easier for students and faculty who are using the system to store and manage their files.

So, we decided to look into some JavaScript based document editors. Zoho stood out because of the APIs provided for remote document editing, in which the files are never saved on their servers. We have been working to incorporate an instance of the Zoho editor into Foliotek.  This will allow editing spreadsheets, word documents, and plain text files using their remote API. Hopefully this will help boost the productivity of our users and improve their experience using our software.  We are looking forward to feedback!

Also, I did a write up about one of the technical challenges that was encountered when adding this feature: generating a multipart form post in C#.