About Foliotek

Foliotek is a dev shop located in Columbia, MO – home of the Mizzou Tigers.  We started out doing custom web applications for regional clients (we still have a few), but have since grown to develop and support a couple of great products: the Foliotek ePortfolio system (for schools and other orgs),My.Foliotek ePortfolio system(for anyone), and the SurveyChampion form builder/survey system.

If you are interested, you can also check out our other homes on the web about our products: http://blog.foliotek.comhttp://facebook.com/Foliotek,  and http://twitter.com/foliotek.

I’m Luke Daffron.  I’m a lead developer at Foliotek.  My job touches a little of everything we do – I program, I design user interactions, I help decide and “bucket” new product ideas into future releases, and I help manage the software team’s time.  On this blog, I plan on sharing a little bit of what goes on day to day at Foliotek.  Hopefully, you can learn something from our experiences, successes, and failures.

Thanks for reading,

Luke Daffron

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